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I guess you either like a tuna fish sandwich or you don’t. I’ve always liked them, even back in the day when mine came in a Holly Hobbie lunch box, slightly smashed by a red delicious apple and accompanied by the de rigueur granola bar and bag of chips. Yep, I know, it did kind of smell. And it was a bit on the warm side. But peel back that top slice of bread, stick a few Lay’s potato chips in there and you’ve got yourself a real gourmet school lunch. Yum!

Today, many people avoid tuna sandwiches for lunch – not because of the smell (which is not an issue for me because I work from home…alone), but because of other legitimate concerns– mercury levels, dolphins, over-fishing, etc. Marvin and I are heading to Japan next week and we’ll be making a stop at Tsujiki (the biggest wholesale commercial fish market in the world). I’m anxious to see the tuna auction in person and curious to know if this will change my feelings about eating tuna…

In the meantime… I made what just might be the best tuna fish sandwich ever for lunch today. Seriously.

It started with the can – locally processed tuna.  A small number of fishing operations in Washington State pack their own pole-and-line caught Albacore fished from North Pacific waters. A lot of this fish gets shipped to Spain, but around Seattle most “better” grocery stores will carry at least one locally packed brand. From what I’ve read, these fish are younger and smaller than tuna caught in other parts of the Pacific, so their bodies have a lot less mercury content per pound. And the Monterey Bay Aquarium SeaWatch program rates this Albacore as a best choice. That’s a good thing!

One of my favorite local brands is Day Island Fish Company. A can of their natural packed Albacore costs around $5.50 in grocery stores, but you can order a full case (24 cans) on their website for $80 – which breaks down to just $3 a can – not bad!

So, if you need to make somebody a really good school lunch, or just want to treat yourself to something delicious, check out the recipe that follows…No need to add potato chips to this sandwich, but you might want to serve a few on the side.

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