West Seattle Farmers Market


Mary and I hit up the West Seattle Farmers Market today.  I had read earlier on the West Seattle Blog that Honest Biscuit was going to be there with HOT, fresh biscuits.  We had a plan to make poached eggs and biscuits for breakfast.  I was secretly planning to buy an extra to eat right there.  Unfortunately, after walking the entire market, we found out that Mr. Biscuit had called in sick.  So sad!  Well, with the fresh eggs and some queso jalapeno in my bag already, we bought a loaf of hominy bread and opted for plan B:  open-faced poached egg sandwiches.  The market is definitely in winter-mode with cabbages, root vegetables, winter squash and the first tulips of the year.  We’ll be making many trips back this year for fresh local organic produce and inspiration.  Next time, Mr. Biscuit (Art Stone) better be there!


  1. Art says:

    Oh, I will be there Sunday if I have to hire a dog sled.

    I do apologize for last week, but you would have been afraid to buy a biscuit from me if I had been able to show up.

    Thanks for the support!
    Mr. Biscuit

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