Field Trip: Washington Apple Road Trip


Our route – a counter clockwise drive over Snoqualmie Pass and Blewett Pass to Wenatchee, up Highway 97 to Twisp, and Highway 20 to Winthrop and then over the North Cascades to I-5 and home.

Last Friday Joy and I  hopped in the car and headed east – in search of fresh picked Washington State apples, fall color, small town bakeries and Mom’s apple pie. We found it all and got a pie crust lesson from my mom – finally, I know how she does it! (We’ll post the recipe and a how to video later this week, so stay tuned).

In the meantime, I thought you might like a little taste of our adventure.

Our first stop, Starbucks drive-thru in West Seattle.

Starbucks drive-thru in West Seattle. Our first stop.

Okay, I know Starbucks isn’t exactly a small town bakery, but a double tall skinny vanilla latte is how I like to start a road trip. (Joy is a venti Americano girl in case you were wondering). Coffee in hand, we headed east.

Our next stop – Stemilt World Famous Fruit Company in Wenatchee. We had been invited to visit Stemilt, one of Washington’s largest fruit companies, to learn more about the commercial apple industry. Harvest was in full swing and we learned so much on our tour with Brianna and Jeff.

Joy tasting a Red Delicious apple during our Stemilt tour.

Joy and I don’t usually buy red delicious apples, but eating one fresh-picked from the tree… wow, what a difference!

We left Wenatchee and continued north, craving apple cider. Problem solved at Orondo Cider Works where we also discovered delicious pumpkin donuts. I love road trip food!

Cider and pumpkin donuts at Orondo Cider Works.

The sugar high from our cider and donuts had worn off by the time we reached the town of Pateros, so we stopped at Sweet River Bakery for a very tasty turkey cranberry sandwich. Sweet River Bakery specializes in artisan breads and we couldn’t leave without purchasing one of my favorites – the Five Grain Loaf.

Sweet River Bakery in Pateros is a great place to stop for lunch.

After lunch we headed up the Methow, in search of Booth Canyon Orchard, a small certified organic orchard just outside of Carlton. In the more remote Methow Valley, there are no large commercial apple operations. Just places like Booth Canyon where the mission is to grow the best tasting apples possible.

Ripe apples at Booth Canyon Orchard.

This was our chance to taste some apple varieties you will never find in a grocery store.

Orchardist, Stina Booth, introduced us to some of the most flavorful apples we’ve ever eaten.

Booth Canyon also sells apples to the Twisp River Pub where they are turned into hard apple cider. We just had to stop in for a glass.

Booth Canyon apples are magically transformed into hard cider at the Twisp River Pub.

We then headed on to Winthrop and my parents’ house. Look what greeted us… all this from their garden. So beautiful.

Pie pumpkins and more squash from my parents’ incredible garden in Winthrop.

Then it was time to make pie. Joy and I got a pie crust making lesson from my mom and then watched her make this beauty. We’ll be sharing all of the details later this week.

Mom’s Apple Pie.

After a big day of driving and eating, we crashed early. By 9:00 am on Saturday we were ready to hit the road again. We headed back to Twisp for a quick stop at the wonderful Cinnamon Twisp Bakery. I wanted Joy to try two of my favorites – a toasted Asiago bagel and the bakery’s signature item, a warm Cinnamon Twisp. If you are ever in Twisp, these items are not to be missed.

Cinnamon Twisps – the signature baked good from the Cinnamon Twisp Bakery.

We then headed over to the Methow Valley Farmers Market. This time of year the market is overflowing with all kinds of good things, including local apples.

Produce at the Methow Valley Farmers Market in Twisp.

What did we buy? Apples, pears, a case of ripe peaches from Smallwood Farms (more Boozy Peaches, please!), some homemade tamales for the freezer, and two handblown glasses (perfect for G & Ts) made by Sammantha Carlin of Lucid Glassworks.

Sammantha Carlin of Lucid Glassworks.

After the market it was time to head home. Our final stop was the Washington Pass lookout. Usually I zoom right by this stop, but Joy encouraged me to pull over and walk up to the view point. It was a spectacular morning and the view of Liberty Bell mountain was breathtaking.

The view of Liberty Bell Mountain from the Washington Pass Lookout.

We crossed the West Seattle Bridge at 3:00 pm. After driving nearly 500 miles and making 10 stops in under 30 hours, our Washington State Apple road trip was complete. Look for more details about Stemilt, Booth Canyon Orchard, Mom’s Apple Pie recipe, Never-Fail Pie Crust, and more later this week!


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  3. Charlene Bowering says:

    What a great roadtrip and loved the photos!!!

  4. Mo Johnson says:

    That sounds like a blast ladies! What a fun way to spend the weekend. Next time I am requesting a pumpkin doughnut make its way back to me in your car : )

  5. Cindy Rovegno says:

    What a fun road trip!! Love all the details and photos!

  6. Marie McFadden says:

    sounds like a great weekend!

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