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Modest. Unpretentious. Reasonably priced. Yes, Stumbling Goat Bistro in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood is all of that, and yet every time I eat there I feel like I get a five star experience. Service – top notch. Wine list – interesting and affordable. The menu – thoughtful with a focus on seasonal ingredients. And the food – yes, it is prepared with love.

I know I say that a lot when I write about food, but it’s true… you can really taste the care and attention the kitchen puts into each dish.

Grass Fed Filet Mignon with Truffled Mashed Potatoes

Grass Fed Filet Mignon with Truffled Mashed Potatoes

Chef Joshua Theilen and his team obviously take time to carefully source their ingredients, from the grass fed filet mignon to locally grown farro. The menu is heavy on meat dishes right now – with lamb, pork, beef and chicken entrees on the menu as well as roasted bone marrow, pork belly, and rabit liver mousse on the small plate list.

Our table of eight started off with the cheese plate, a selection of cured meats, the steamed clams and the cauliflower soup for starters.

Cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup

I wished we could have tried the smoked trout salad special or the rabbit liver mousse, but we needed to save room for the wonderful (and large) entrees.

 Selection of Cured Ibérico Salchicha

Selection of Cured Ibérico Salchicha

Vegetables at Stumbling Goat are prepared beautifully (which, in my opinion, is always a true test of a good kitchen) and my choice for dinner, a crispy farro cake on a bed of sautéed kale, was as flavorful, well prepared and appetizing as any of the meat dishes we ordered.

My entree - the Bluebird Grain Farms farro cake with sautéed kale, mushroom ragu and roasted vegetales.

My entree – the Bluebird Grain Farms’ farro cake with sautéed kale, mushroom ragu and roasted vegetales.

The service was lovely and we didn’t feel rushed, even though we sat at our table for over two hours. While I wouldn’t consider Stumbling Goat a real kids kind of place, Henry (age 10) enjoyed his “mac & cheese” served with a side of baby carrots. I think he had a pretty good time, too.

Henry at Stumbling Goat

Not your average kid’s meal! Henry was a great sport and sat patiently during our 2 hour meal.

After all of us sent clean plates back to the kitchen, it was time for dessert. We were celebrating Jeanne’s birthday, so we practically ordered one of everything. Stand outs were the bourbon bread pudding, the dark chocolate bergamot pot de crème, and two house made ice creams – fromage and mocha chip. What a great way to end a beautiful meal.

Stumbling Goat Bistro
Reservations Accepted
6722 Greenwood Ave North
Seattle, WA
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