Spooky Halloween Treats


Urban Legends. Ghost Stories. Haunted Houses. Trick-or-Treat. Costumes. Spooky Halloween Treats. These are all the things I love about Halloween. Do you remember the one about the kidney thieves? or the licked hand? or, my favorite, “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn the light on?“.

Haunted Houses were always a love/hate thing for me. I love the idea of being scared, but I definitely don’t love it as I’m walking through wondering who will try to grab me next. Did you see this fun video on the Ellen show? It’ll make you laugh until you cry. I’m not sure I need to go visit one this year after watching that!

I don’t have my costume picked out, yet, but Sadie and Charley are all set to greet the trick-or-treaters in their Cowgirl Get-ups! How cute are they?!

Maybe we’ll just wait until the trick-or-treaters are finished ringing our bell this year, then we’ll turn off all the lights and watch a scary movie and enjoy Bloody Eyeball Soup, Crooked Witches Fingers and Eyeball Poppers (and, of course, all of the left-over candy!). That looks scary enough for me.

Look closely  – I think my photo-shoot was haunted!


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