Sharing Chanterelles


Jay and Alec ready for Chanterelle hunting!

My friend, Lori, sent out an email last week announcing “fresh Chanterelles are waiting for you in my carport!”

Wow – what a treat! I did not waste any time getting over there! Chanterelle mushrooms are my favorite and it is even more special when they are foraged by someone I know.

Thanks to Lori, Jay and Jay’s son, Alec, we feasted on Chanterelle creations all weekend.

It started on Friday with a dinner party. I made a wild rice pilaf with Chanterelles, caramelized onions and dried cherries – yummy! I didn’t write anything down, so I can’t post a recipe, but I think it could make an excellent Thanksgiving stuffing! I will try to work on it and get something posted soon.

And last night we shared a scrumptious mushroom tart with our good friends, Larry and Mary – who shared two bottles of amazing red wine with us! It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

All together, I fed ten people those Chanterelles.  A little sharing goes a long way. Thank you, Lori!

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