Salvadorean Bakery, White Center, WA


_DSC9878One of our favorite spots in White Center is The Salvadorean Bakery & Restaurant, located on Roxbury – just one block off 16th Avenue SW. Owners Aminta and Ana have been providing immigrants in the area with a taste of home for nearly 20 years. The sisters, both originally from El Salvador, opened their bakery 17 years ago, when it seemed like nobody was willing to open a new business in White Center. Over the years the neighborhood has begun to change, but the Salvadorean Bakery still offers up authentic food at a fair price.

The Salvadorean Bakery serves the mostly Catholic Latino community with traditional dishes for Holy Week, Day of the Dead, Christmas, weddings and other important religious holidays. You can also buy piñatas, Salvadorean soccer memorabilia, spices, pork lard, and a few other grocery items.

Salvadorean BakeryThe cakes from the Salvadorean Bakery are excellent. Try a 3 leches cake or any of the fruit filled cakes, and be sure to pick up a Salvadorean Quesadilla – which is actually a dense, eggy pound cake that tastes great with a morning cup of coffee.


In addition to all of the sweets, The Salvadorean Bakery offers a full menu with regional specialties like Carne Guisada, Guanaco Shrimp, Sopa de Patas, and Atole de Alote. The seating area is bright and clean, the service is friendly, and the food is excellent.


The pupusas at the Salvadorean Bakery are amazing!

My two very favorite items on the menu are the tamales and the pupusas. The pupusas at the Salvadorean Bakery are worth the drive to White Center alone! Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop in and try one… you will not be disappointed.

Salvadorean Bakery
1719 SW Roxbury St  Seattle, WA 98106
(206) 762-4064
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  1. Kimberly Aguilar says:

    excellent report! however Pupusas not Papusas , but nevertheless enjoyed your review!

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