Product Review: Dijon Mustard


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Dijon mustard is one of the most versatile pantry items in the cupboard.  It adds depth to marinades, low-cal thickness to dressings and spiciness to your ham and cheese.  A smear of Dijon takes you up a notch on the classy scale and that’s where I prefer to live.

I tasted 7 different brands, then compared side-by-side; it was quite interesting how different they tasted!

The winners: Natural Value Organic, Grey Poupon and Ingrehoffer, were all wonderfully different.

The Winner!

The Winner!

Natural Value Organic had an earthy balance and spicy kick without bitterness.  Of all the organic options I tried, this was the best by far.

Grey Poupon is classic for a reason; spicy yet slightly sweet.  Not bitter or over powered by horseradish.

Ingrehoffer has a distinctly German taste.  This was made for piping hot bratwurst with sauerkraut.



Looking for fun recipes to make with Dijon?

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