Old Friends and Chocolate


I just spent the weekend in Palm Springs with my college friends, Molly, Kelly, and Kristin, for our annual girls get-together.  It was, as always, a wonderful time, even though it rained all weekend. The tradition started 17 years ago when Kelly, Kristin and I flew down to San Francisco to hang out with Molly, her husband, and their new baby, Austin. It’s been an annual event for us ever since.

We’ve known each other for 26 years! How is that even possible? (Okay, if you do the math it is completely possible, but obviously I have lost track of time). It’s funny how so much has changed for all of us and yet so much has stayed the same. On our first girls weekend, we did the typical San Francisco tour, including a stop at Ghirardelli Square to load up on chocolate bars. This weekend we ate the leftover Halloween candy Molly snagged from her daughter’s stash and we drank fabulous chocolate martinis in the jacuzzi.  (I had a great picture of us in the jacuzzi I wanted to post here, but somehow it got deleted from my camera over the weekend…)

Old friends and chocolate. What would life be like without them? I never want to know.


  1. sue torkells says:

    The chocolate martinis are here and ready for all of you. Please come again…..maybe
    no rain in Palm Springs next time!

  2. Kelly Mullin says:

    Your blog is complete. I opened it up and thought WOW! She did it! It looks and reads great. So sad the weekend is over, but already looking forward to the next.

    Love ya! Kelly

    • Mary says:

      Thanks, Kelly! What a great weekend we had together. Let’s try to get together again before another year goes by, my friend!

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