N.W. Raspberries – Summer is here!


I just finished eating a bowl of raspberry sorbet topped with big, fat, juicy raspberries from our neighbors’ garden. Snowe and Nancy, THANK YOU! We can’t always grow the best tomatoes or peppers here in the Northwest, but raspberries… well, that’s another story.

Oh, how I love raspberries.

When my grandparents retired to Rose Lodge, Oregon (a tiny town in the woods just east of Lincoln City), I would always try to visit during raspberry season. Grandma and I would can dozens of pints of  the world’s best raspberry jam and I’d go home with my Christmas “shopping” done for all of my friends.

This weekend I bought some local raspberries at the market and made a batch of my favorite chocolate-raspberry brownies. Yum.

Then I found a pint of fresh raspberries on the doorstep with a little note from Snowe – “fresh picked from our garden!”.  Even better!

Dave Erickson’s raspberry pie – Portland, OR

And then, my Uncle Dave sent me a picture of the raspberry pie he was about to pop in the oven. Doesn’t that look delicious?

So I hope you’ve been eating raspberries this weekend, too! Local Northwest Raspberries are a true sign that summer is finally here.

In case you’d like to make a raspberry pie like Dave’s, here is a link to a recipe from Savuer.  Saveur’s Raspberry Pie 

What is your favorite raspberry recipe?


  1. Emily U. says:

    Strawberries are very popular in japan! Actually we don’t get many berries except for strawberries and sometimes blueberries.

  2. Emily U. says:

    The raspberries look so tasty!! Raspberries taste super good whatever way you eat them. But I’ve got one huge problem. I can’t get raspberries in japan. I wish I could be in the US.

    • MaryMiller says:

      Emily, I am so sorry to hear that you don’t have raspberries in Japan! Fresh raspberries are very fragile, so it would be virtually impossible to ship them to you – otherwise I would do it! What is the most popular berry in Japan? Strawberries??

  3. Oh my… how I love raspberries. I’m not sure I have a favorite raspberry recipe. I just like to eat them right out of the container. (Or off the vine.) I have recently rediscovered how much I love them and now eat them all the time!

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    Please share raspberry sorbet recipe. We will have more raspberries as the week progresses.

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