Not Exactly Krispy Kreme…


We ate a lot yesterday. Yeah, no big surprise there. And normally I would have started a post-Thanksgiving diet this morning, something like grapefruit and dry toast. But not today because we’re in Ohio. With Marvin’s family. Enough said.

Today we got up early and made a trip down to Amish country – a three county area in central Ohio where over 50,000 Amish still live a traditional lifestyle and farm some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. Our destination – Miller’s Bakery. Our objective – donuts.

The women who run Miller’s Bakery arrive by horse and buggy every day at 4:30 am. There is no electricity in the building, so they use a generator and propane tanks to power the ovens and mixers. These women seriously know how to bake – and everything they serve is made in-house daily. Their donuts are glazed by hand and they are out of this world!


Marvin has been visiting  this bakery since he was a kid, and on our last trip here we got to Miller’s after all of the donuts were sold out. We didn’t take any chances today. It was so worth getting up early! By the way, Miller’s Bakery is located in the tiny town of Charm, Ohio. Be sure to stop in if you ever pass by. Order donuts and be prepared. This is definitely not Krispy Kreme.


Look for some low-fat, delicious and healthy recipes from me next month. In the meantime, I have an apple fritter I need to finish…

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