Mustard Heals Burns!…And Five Other Home Remedies



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There’s nothing I love more than a home remedy!   Using products beyond their mass marketed purpose feels clever, even scientific.  I’m the mad scientist, performing experiments based on insider knowledge.  Here are a few laws I live by:

1. Use cold, yellow mustard to sooth burns.

Working in a busy deli, I saw my fair share of burns.  One day a coworker told me to put mustard on a burn I had just acquired.  I was new on the job and thought he was trying to make me look like a fool.  Nope.  It was some of the best kitchen advice I’ve ever gotten.  Mustard will help draw out the sting and prevent blistering.  Smear cool mustard on a fresh (minor) burn and let it sit for 30+ minutes.  Carefully rinse with cool water once it’s dry.

2. Dish soap removes grease from clothing.

Do you have a few sweaters with a lovely pattern of oil splatters across the mid section?  I do!  As soon as you notice that grease has soaked into your clothing, apply dish soap immediately.  I’ve done this on clothes that have already been washed and had successful results.

3. Turn your coffee grinder in a spice grinder.

Empty grinder of coffee, toss in a few cubes of stale bread and whirl.  The breadcrumbs will collect extra coffee particles, leaving you with a newly appointed spice grinder.  Do the same process to convert back to coffee.

4. Use Vicks VapoRub or Tiger Balm to aid sleep.

Ok, this one might sound a little ‘woo woo’, but I am a yoga teacher after all, so bear with me.  Rub Vicks or Tiger Balm into the soles and tops of feet to help ease a busy mind and assist the sleep process.  The soothing yet stimulating properties of both products help to pull energy down from your head (goodbye random commentary when you’re trying to sleep.)  Plus, the added bonus of giving yourself a foot rub will help to calm the nervous system.  Make sure to wash your hands after application.

5. Relieve a headache with peppermint oil.

Peppermint has long been a pain reliever in the world of natural medicine, but rub (just a little) peppermint oil into your temples to relieve a tension headache.  Be careful not to do too much, it’s quite potent and can make your eyes water.  It will also help clear sinuses.

6. Fresh ginger, lemon and honey cure everything.

I live by these three ingredients, and although subjective advice, I stand behind it.  Have a cough, stomachache, cramps or cold?  Make a cup of ‘everything elixir’ (ginger, lemon, honey and a splash of hot water) to cure most common ailments.

Happy experimenting, Foodies!


  1. Paris Mixon says:

    I tired the mustard on an oil burn. And it helped so much it really did work.

  2. Hi Selena,

    I don’t know about lime burns, I’ve never tried it for that. I would recommend the mustard be cold for flame burns. Thanks for your great questions! – Christina

  3. So the mustard must be cold right? What if the burns are caused by lime exposed to the sun? Will the results still be the same with the reactions for burns caused by flame?

  4. What an idea! I’ve never heard of mustard for that purpose – such a powerful kitchen staple. Thanks for the tip!


  5. Uncle Dave says:

    The # 1 use for “Yellow” Mustard at our home is the immediate relief for leg cramps.
    When the cramp stikes – and usually at night, that agnony is soon releived with a teapsoon of yellow mustard – swallowed as soon as possible. WE keep mustard on the bathroom counter and a teaspoon for night time flare ups. By the time one gets back into bed, the cramp is gone! Go ahead a laugh, but once you have had a leg cramp or charlie horse go away that fast you will be a believer!

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