Meander’s Kitchen -White Center, WA

Meander's Kitchen White Center

Meander’s Kitchen serves amazing breakfasts – like “The Hangover” – Hasbrowns, sausage gravy, eggs and a biscuit. LOVE!

If you are looking for a truly great breakfast place, we recommend Meander’s Kitchen in the heart of downtown White Center. Owner and chef, Miranda Krone, has a passion for great cooking and the breakfast menu at Meander’s is Americana with a Southern flare… plenty of butter, plenty of salt, plenty of  flavor and plenty of love in everything she turns out of her kitchen.

To avoid the weekend crowds, we visited Meander’s on a Monday morning. Ian, our server, started us out with big mugs of steaming hot coffee. As we perused the menu, Ian recommended a house specialty – beignets. I’m not usually a big fan of sweets for breakfast, but I could not stop eating these! Crazy good dipped in Meander’s homemade marionberry sauce. Joy and I both agree, the beignets at Meander’s are a must.

Meander's Beignet with Homemade Marionberry Jam

Biegnets at Meander’s with house-made marionberry sauce for dipping.

The breakfast menu is full of inspired entrees, (the waffles have a cult-like following) and making a decision was very difficult – but Joy eventually settled on one of the big Meander’s omelets, and I ordered the sweet potato kale hash. Neither of us were disappointed.

Meander’s Spinach and Ham Scramble

A couple of standout items on the menu… the Meander’s biscuits (which rival my grandma Bryant’s – a HUGE compliment) and their hashbrowns, which are the best I have tasted, anywhere, in years.

Meanders Sweet Potato Hash

Meanders Sweet Potato Hash

Meander’s is open 7 days a week. Monday – Saturday (8:00 – 3:00) and Sunday’s (9:00 – 3:00). There can be a wait on weekends, so we recommend making a trip to White Center on a weekday. Make an entire morning out of it!

NOTE: Meander’s is a cash only restaurant and some have complained that it is not kid-friendly (no kid’s menu). My suggestion: Come with cash, leave the kids at home, and enjoy an incredible breakfast in downtown White Center.

Meander’s Kitchen
9635 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106
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