March Contest – Kitchen Gadget Giveaways! – Week 2



It’s official!  We’ve sprung-ahead one hour, or in other words, we’ve lost an hour of sleep.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been obsessed with this concept of breakfast in bed.  Waking up on a cold, Spring Sunday morning and realizing I’ve lost an hour doesn’t seem quite so bad when I’ve got a nice, hot breakfast served to me IN BED!

And that brings me to this week’s question:  In your wildest  favorite fantasy, who would serve you breakfast in bed and what’s on that menu?

Make your comments on this post and the winner of another “we can’t live without it!” kitchen gadget will be announced next Friday.


  1. jacquie says:

    i have to admit that breakfast in bed has absolutely no appeal to me at all so while i’m trying to think of someone i really can’t. can i just said a little late snuggle in time w/ the pups to keep my company?

  2. Manda says:

    I have a soft spot for Johnny Depp. And eggs benedict would top the dream!

  3. Helen Oswald says:

    My fantasy-world breakfast in bed would be served by Rod Stewart. It would be homemade scones with orange marmalade, strawberries and cream, and a big cup of English breakfast tea.

  4. Elena V says:

    Oh gosh…I had to remind myself I’m supposed to write down the answer instead of day-dreaming the rest of the day.
    The breakfast would be served by David Gandy, a British model with icy-blue eyes and a naughty smile…and it would be a small latte, a cheese omelet and a blueberry scone. Perrfect!

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