Make It Good


It’s January 2nd… the start of a new year, a new month, and (unfortunately), a new work week for me. The tree will come down today, the lights will be put away, and the refrigerator will get thoroughly cleaned out. I’ll make a few to-do lists, write down a few goals, and breathe in the wonderful and refreshing feeling of a clean start.

After cooking so many rich and indulgent recipes over the last two months, I am ready to get healthy in the kitchen again. I am excited about a month of  cooking, eating, and posting recipes featuring the power foods our bodies love.

Just so you know… I am all for healthy eating and putting good food into my body, but it also needs to taste good! I promise we are going to make it good!

Check out Joy’s first delicious and healthy post of the month, Antioxidant Protein Smoothie and today’s recipe for Braised Garlic-Ginger Tofu.

We’d love to try your favorite healthy recipes, too, so send them over!


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