Let the collaboration begin


As many of you know, I started A Passionate Plate three months ago, to rekindle my passion for cooking, to sharpen my skills, and to eat better food. Most of all I wanted to reconnect with something I have always loved – cooking. Shortly after I got started, my cousin, Siri sent me an email saying… “you will gain more from this than you could have ever imagined.” Siri, you were so right!

For one thing, I’ve got more money in my wallet now, since we have virtually stopped eating out (okay, not totally… but we are down to one or two nights a week from five or six, so that’s a big change). I’ve also begun to really love photography and the challenge of trying to photograph and cook at the same time. And the writing has been very rewarding, too. And I’ve gained three pounds (seriously, we will be cooking light in January – I promise)! But best of all, I am LOVING cooking again. I really feel like I have rediscovered my passion. Yea!

My energy seems to be infectious… my mom is sending me recipes to try out and so is my niece, Emily. A few of you are actually cooking my recipes (that is so cool!) and my friend Joy has decided to join me on A Passionate Plate. Collaborating in the kitchen with a great friend – what could be better?? Joy and I have known each other for a really long time. You can read about her on our About page.

Today Joy will be posting her first recipe – and she made something for me… Rugelach. I’m hosting a Hannukah dinner on Wednesday and we’ll be serving these for dessert (if there are any left in the house by then – we cheated and ate a few last night).

Anyway, welcome to Joy and to all of you who are following A Passionate Plate… there is plenty of room at the table and I am excited to see what we’ll be able to serve up together next year.

Have a great day!



  1. Kristin J. says:

    Fabulous idea. Looking forward to following The Passionate Plate!

  2. JoyAldrich says:

    Thanks, Jeanne! I’m so excited about working with Mary on A Passionate Plate, and I’ll look forward to your comments and input. Have you tried any of these recipes, yet? I’d love to make the Quick White Bean Soup with Rosemary for you sometime.

  3. Jeanne says:

    WOW! What a delicious combination – Mary and Joy! Both of you are amazing cooks and so giving of your time and talent. I am looking forward to reading (and drooling over) what you come up with. Best of luck on this new joint venture.
    xo jeanne

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