Kitchen Gadget Giveaway Contest, Week 3


When I was a little girl, I loved to help my mom in the the kitchen.  She woud let me crack the eggs, or sift the flour. There was an entire summer when we made fresh sourdough bread EVERY DAY with a starter someone had given her (and while it was rising and baking we were tanning – covered in baby oil – in green and white chaise lounge chairs in the backyard of our suburban Chicago house).  That bread was THE BEST I’ve ever tasted!  A few years later, after watching several episodes of “Woking with Yan” with my grandparents, I took on stir-fry under the careful watch of my grandmother. My point is, my years as a “sous-chef” when I was a young girl lead to my passion for cooking as an adult.  This leads me to our Question of the Week:  

Who would you like to be a Sous Chef for and why?

Reply to this post with your answer by Thursday night for a chance to win our next “we can’t live without it” kitchen gadget. We LOVE to read your comments, so have fun with this!


  1. Rochelle Proctor says:

    With my dear friend Mary. For more reasons than can ever be expressed.

  2. jackie fradkin says:

    I would love to sous chef for the Swedish Chef on the Muppets. We would chop, slice, julienne and chiffonade all the day long. We would be singing, dancing, flinging spatulas over our shoulders and shooting holes in donuts! What joyous sous chefery it would be!

  3. Nathan says:

    And why (forgot in the first post) . I enjoy his shows and his passion for good food.

  4. Nathan says:

    I would be a sous chef for Bobby Flay.

  5. jacquie says:

    jamie oliver because i admire the work he is doing to get people and schools to eat locally and to realize that home-cooked does not translate into more work &/or time but does translate into better nutrition and taste.

  6. Mary says:

    I know I am disqualified from winning our prize, but I just had to answer this question anyway! I’d love to be a Sous Chef for Anthony Bourdain. I don’t think he is the best chef in the world, but I do love his sarcastic wit, his opinions about the food entertainment business, and his life of world travel. I think we would have a great conversation AND make some amazing food. Hmmmm…. maybe I should have answered last week’s giveaway question with Anthony Bourdain!

  7. Elena V says:

    It would definetely be Ina Garten. She’s so …grandmother-ly. With her soft voice and calorie-rich dishes, being around her would be very comforting. And working for her wouldn’t be stressfull at all, I can hear her say:

    “Here, Elena, have some more bread. You can help me dice onions and tomatoes later. Help yourself to the herb-and-garlic butter, you look too skinny.”

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