I used to be a foodie. Then I got lazy.


Yes, it is true. Once upon a time (okay – 20 years ago) I put myself through culinary school, started a catering company, taught cooking classes, and wrote food articles for a local paper.  I worked in the food business for a decade, and, quite honestly, I was an excellent cook. Then something happened. It took several years, but over time my cooking changed. I devolved. Fresh herbs became dry herbs became seasoning salt. Montrachet became Cheddar became pre-sliced American. Cakes became cake mixes became I don’t make cakes. A whole chicken became Costco frozen chicken became McChicken. I don’t even know if I remember how to cut up a chicken.

Let’s face it. I got lazy.

Lazy Mary. Now I could spend a lot of time writing about why this happened, but at this point, I think it would just be counter-productive.

Instead, I am going to get back in the kitchen –pull out some old recipes and try some new ones, talk to other people who love to cook, look around for culinary inspiration and try to find my way back to a passionate plate.

This blog will keep me accountable. I hope. 🙂


  1. jackie fradkin says:

    I know you wrote this last year but it’s still hilarious!

    • MaryMiller says:

      Hi, Jack – I can’t believe that was just a year ago!! I have cooked almost every day for the past year! Whoo Hooo. Let’s get together and cook some dahl soon!

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