Girls’ Weekend Chocolate Martinis


Thank you, Sue Torkells, for introducing me to this recipe! Keep a bottle of this mix in your freezer at all times. A chocolate martini is the perfect drink to share with a good friend. (This recipe makes 4 martinis).

Girls’ Weekend Chocolate Martinis

Recipe Type: Cocktail
Author: A Passionate Plate
  • 1 cup Stoli vanilla vodka
  • 1 cup Three Olives clear chocolate vodka
  • 2 cups clear Creme de Cacao
  • 2 oz semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • mint sprigs for garnish
  1. Directions for Mix:
  2. Measure the vodkas and Creme de Cacao and combine them into a clean glass bottle with a cap. Gently shake to mix and Then place the bottle in the freezer for at least one hour to chill.
  3. Directions for the glasses:
  4. Heat the chocolate in a double boiler until it is melted. Dip the rims of four martini glasses into the chocolate to coat, and then into a bowl of granulated sugar. Place glasses in the freezer to set up the chocolate. (optional – while the chocolate is still warm, grab a spoon and eat the leftovers. 🙂 )
  5. To serve:
  6. Straight from the freezer, pour desired amount of vodka mixture into a martini shaker and shake with ice to mix. Remove glasses from the freezer, pour chilled and shaken martini mix into each glass, garnish with a sprig of mint, and get ready to make a make a toast. Cheers!


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  2. Elena V says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ve never seen a clear chocolate martini before.

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  5. Kelly Mullin says:

    Wonderfully, sinfully delicious! Your glass looks devine!

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