Farm Fresh Eggs


Debbie collecting eggs on the farm

Brown Family Farm

The Brown Family Farm historic homestead sits in an open meadow, surrounded by pines and fir trees – just beyond Lake Wenatchee in the Cascade Mountains. Built in 1901 by some of the first settlers in the Lake Wenatchee Valley, the original log house and surrounding property are still owned and cared for by the direct descendants of the Browns.

Happy Chickens

One of the great things about staying here – besides the skiing, the scenery, the comfy beds with down comforters, and the hot tub – is collecting eggs from the chicken house. Farm fresh eggs just taste better.

Plus, it’s fun to visit the chickens.
They seem really happy.

Toni making a new friend


We collected enough eggs yesterday for the Spinach Egg Casserole and Low-Fat Apple Walnut Scones I made for breakfast today.

Happy chickens. Happy Skiers. Thank you, Brown Family Farm.


  1. Bruce Boundy says:

    Hi Joy – This is Shirley, but I’m subscribing to Passionate Plate (thanks to Cathy T.) for him because he’s the chief cook around here and I think your recipes all look great and I know he’ll try some. Wishing you all the best!!

    • Joy Aldrich says:

      Hi Bruce & Shirley! I’m so happy to see you’ll be following us! I’d love for you to comment on how the recipes work for you. Cheers!

  2. margretta says:

    Love all the chicken fun. There’ s nothing like fresh eggs.

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