Four for $175 – Japanese Matsutake Mushrooms



  1. Jim Oswald (Mary and Beth's father) says:

    Very interesting blog. I’ve been to Japan many times and have thoroughly enjoyed Japanese cuisine. I was always a picky eater growing up, but my tastes have broadened over the years. On my visits to Japan, I’ve viewed Japanese cuisine as part of the traveling adventure and have embraced most of the dishes served to me. Some of it can be surprisingly expensive.

    On one visit, with a small group of people attending Beth’s wedding, I offered to pick up the tab after a rather simple lunch in a small, seemingly-basic restaurant. I was quite shocked when the bill came; it was $415 American!! So much for magnanimity!

    I’m looking forward to future blogs. Mary’s mother and I are big viewers of the Cooking Channel, and this should be a nice adjunct.

    Jim Oswald

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