Dutch Baby Pancakes


How did that Perfect Omelette taste this morning?  Did you make it for yourself, or did your someone special serve it to you in bed?  If they didn’t get the hint, or if you just need something a little easier (i.e. fool-proof) to insure that you get your breakfast in bed, try making up a batch of Dutch Baby Pancake batter the night before you’d like to have it served to you.  This batter really is MUCH better when it rests over-night.  In the morning, the breakfast tray can be assembled while the pancake bakes.  Easy-peasy, right?

Dutch Baby Pancakes
Recipe Type: Breakfast
Author: A Passionate Plate
Serves: 4
If you’ve really got a sweet-tooth in the morning, try making a Chocolate Dutch Baby Pancake by adding 1/4 cup cocoa powder to the recipe. Top it with fresh, sliced strawberries and a little confectioners’ sugar – yummy!
  • 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 2 tsp. grated zest and 2 Tbsp. juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 T. butter, melted and cooled
  • 3 T. confectioners’ sugar
  1. Combine flour, cornstarch, lemon zest and salt in a large bowl and whisk well to combine.
  2. In a blender, blend milk, butter and vanilla into eggs until incorporated, about 30 seconds. Add the flour mixture to the blender and mix just until combined, about 10 seconds.
  3. Pour into a bowl, cover, and let it rest overnight (this insures it won’t taste too egg-y).
  4. With the oven rack in the middle position, heat the oven to 450°F. Brush the surfaces of a 10-inch, oven-proof skillet (preferably cast iron) with oil and put it into the oven until the oil is shimmering, about 10 minutes. Carefully remove the skillet from the oven and pour the batter into it. Return the skillet to the oven and bake until the edges are dark brown and crisp, about 20 minutes. Transfer the skillet to a wire rack to cut and serve. Serve with lemon juice and confectioners’ sugar.


  1. Helen Oswald says:

    I haven’t made or eaten Dutch Baby Pancakes in years but will certainly try this recipe. Thanks so much for the hint of making the batter ahead of time and letting it rest overnight in the refrig. This will really cut down on the morning prep time and clean-up!

    • JoyAldrich says:

      There’s nothing better than a make-ahead breakfast recipe. You can just enjoy your morning and drink your coffee while the oven heats up. Then, presto! you’ve got a beautiful pancake to serve. De-licious.

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