Cuban Sandwiches at Paseo


“Wait, Joy!  I need to take a picture!”  Yep.  That’s my twitchy hand ready to grab that delicious sandwich and take a bite (read:  devour it!).  I’m not kidding.  I haven’t stopped thinking about that Grilled Pork sandwich (#1 on the menu) at Paseo in Ballard, WA, since I savored the last bit of deliciousness left on the wrapper yesterday.  And, now, I’m thinking about it all day today because I received these fabulous photos from Mary in my e-mail inbox first thing this morning (I wonder if she was dreaming about her Paseo Press sandwich last night?).

The Paseo Press Sandwich

I’m loving the fact that whenever I page through a Food and Wine magazine, or watch “Barefoot Contessa” on The Food Network, or make a list of menu items to try using my Chefs Feed app (more on that, later), it’s all in the name of “work!”  I’m now a Food Blogger, so I need to study up, right?

When Mary suggested we go to lunch someplace “new”, I sent her my list of suggestions and she, craving carbs, chose Paseo.  I’d read about the Paseo Press sandwich on Chefs Feed, and then I checked it out on yelp*.  Are you kidding me?  This place has been around forever, but neither Mary nor I had heard of it.  I think it’s probably the most reviewed restaurant on yelp*.  And now we know why!

Mary ordered the Paseo Press Sandwich.  From the menu:  “Succulent morsels of roasted pork nestled atop sweet banana peppers, draped with sheer slices of smoked ham, Swiss cheese, and caramelized onions; all melted together between a hot press.”

I had the Grilled Pork sandwich described as: “Cubed pork loin grilled over lava rocks & basted w/Paseo Marinade until golden brown.  Served with crisp, romaine lettuce and pickled jalapeños”.

Both sandwiches were gooey with fabulously garlic-y aioli and topped with fresh cilantro and large pieces of deliciously caramelized onions.  The plan was to share them, but since they were not cut in half, we each enjoyed our own.  Quickly!

#1 is all gone!

Paseo only accepts cash. Seating is limited and outdoor only, and there is usually a long line – now we understand why!

I’m so grateful for finally learning about this restaurant via Chefs Feed and yelp*.

You can find out more about  Paseo at, or just head out to one of their two locations and experience a real Cuban sandwich for yourself!

 Paseo – Ballard Location:                               Paseo – Fremont Location:                              
6226 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle                       4225 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle
(206) 789-3100                                                       (206) 545-7440
Paseo on Urbanspoon

*How do you find new restaurants to try? Do you use yelp? We’d like to know!


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  2. marti says:

    We used to frequent the Fremont location, then we moved to Ballard and sadly the regular visits decrease. Thanks for letting me know there is also a Ballard location. I know where we are going for our next date night!

  3. Jim Oswald says:

    Your Cuban sandwich reminded me of two Iowa sandwich favorites we enjoyed when we lived there: pulled pork sandwich and Made-Rite sandwich. You can figure out the former, but it may be best with fresh Iowa pork meat!

    The “Made-Rite” sandwich (named for the founding restaurant), which has been an Iowa favorite since the ’20’s, is made from ground pork and spices, served on a hamburger bun or sandwich roll (I don’t remember which).

    You can look these up if you wish. We used to joke that the cooking pan remained on the stove continually, with just an addition of fresh meat and spices to make up for what had been served that day!

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing what you’re going to come up with next.


  4. chacha says:

    This looks great and I may attempt to try to make it someday. Love the Izze drinks I have tried several diff. flavors and like them all. I tried the grapefruit curd was ok but prefer the lemon lime and orange better. I also played with SPAM yes SPAM and made great spam burgers. SOOOOOOOOO good my son ate 3 of them.

    • MaryMiller says:

      Spam burgers? Really? You must send us the recipe! (I have a weakness for processed meat…). Still planning to make your lemon curd recipe within the next couple of weeks. Wishing it would stop raining so I would feel more in the mood!

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