Crazy Mary


Our wonderful neighbors, Ron and Lani, surprised me last night with a belated birthday gift – a nice bottle of red appropriately named Crazy Mary. Wine is always a welcome gift in our house since our inventory moves out of the wine cellar (aka the laundry room equipped with three IKEA wine racks) on a regular basis, and we are always looking to replenish our supply! Since I know this bottle won’t last long, I’ve taken a picture of the label – it might be my new Facebook profile pic.

We are lucky to live next door to such wonderful people. Our backyards connect with a little stepping stone path and during the summer we head over to their side a lot for wine and appetizers. Lani always seems to be prepared for company, with yummy snacks and a never-ending supply of good wine. We tend to wander over empty handed and come home tipsy and full of good food. It’s a great relationship!

 I’ve been feeling like Crazy Mary for the past few weeks, ever since I decided to start this blog.  I realize that by now tens of thousands of people blog every day, but there is something so scary about sharing your thoughts, recipes, and ruminations in such a public way. It ‘s a diary without a key and it makes me nervous. On the flip-side, I worry that nobody will read my blog and that it will be a total failure. What if my recipes aren’t any good? What if my writing is boring? What if I decide I really don’t like to cook after all? Why do I even want to do this?? You see where this is going. Crazy Mary.

Okay, deep breath.  It’s Sunday, and breakfast time and Marvin just left for the airport. I’ve got to start somewhere, so in the spirit of putting better food on my plate, I’m actually going to cook breakfast and sit down to eat it – something I used to do all of the time on Sundays. Before Lazy Mary. Hmmmm, Crazy Mary might be better than Lazy Mary. We’ll see.

I don’t think we have much in the fridge, but I know we’ve got eggs. That’s a good start.

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