Cooking with Lyn

Lyn at Pike Place

Lyn shopping at Pike Place Market.

Last week Marvin’s nephew, Mark, and his family came up from San Antonio for a visit. We had great time touring them around the area and an unexpected treat for me was getting to cook with Lyn.

I felt an instant bond with this wonderful woman who just walked in the front door, both arms loaded with groceries, and then went to work in my kitchen – digging through my cupboards, heating pans on the stove, chopping, stirring, tasting, seasoning and making our kitchen smell wonderful!

Lyn told me that she learned how to cook from her dad and her sister, but she didn’t really hone her culinary skills until she moved to the U.S. Now she loves cooking Filippino food, but it can be tough to find the right ingredients in San Antonio.


Snapper Escabeche, Jasmine Fried Rice, Clams in Chorizo, Pork Adobo.

Well, that is definitely not a problem in our neighborhood! We have five Asian grocery stores within just a few miles of our house and our local mall, Southcenter, even has a Seafood City just a short walk away from Nordstrom and Macy’s. (I think it’s fair to say that Southcenter Mall was a little slice of heaven for Lyn).

With all of the fresh seafood and Filipino ingredients available, Lyn wanted to cook for us, so we decided to stay home for dinner every night instead of going out. The weather totally cooperated, so we were able to eat outside on the patio, enjoying the clear view of Mt. Rainier and a delicious combination of Filipino and American food…


A beautiful summer view from our backyard.

Lyn cooked, I cooked, Marvin grilled, and the whole family enjoyed three incredible dinners. Pork adobo, bbq steaks, corn-the-cob, clams with chorizo, jasmine rice, chicken in coconut broth, snapper escabeche, flan, mangos, s’mores,  jack fruit, vegetables from my garden, and the best fried bananas ever.

Cooking with Lyn and MacyLyn is an intuitive cook and and an adventurous eater – two traits I admire so much! I loved learning some new recipes from Lyn and I am looking forward to sharing one of  them with you this week.

And a I want to give a big thanks to Mark’s daughter, Macy. Macy was our sous chef and she did a fantastic job. And, she loved everything – even the snapper and clams. Way to go, Macy. You can come visit us any time!


Sous Chef Extraordinaire, Macy!

I hope you’ve been enjoying some memorable meals this summer, too.

– Mary


  1. I vote for that too! First I have to add on a kitchen that 2 can cook in rather than my closet with a stove!

  2. Gosh I vote for that too Mary! I will have to add on a kitchen first. lol

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  4. MaryMiller says:

    I vote for Filipino food at Marilyn’s house next time we are all in Ohio! 🙂

  5. Lyn says:

    Aunt M, come and visit us here in Texas. Definitely, I will spoil you with some home cooking (Filipino style). I love sharing it with you guys.

    Linda thank you so much for your wonderful words. I felt the same when I first met you guys. I felt like I was HOME reconnecting my families and relatives.

  6. Linda says:

    How nice! Sitting down to a delicious meal with family (and friends) are among my most treasured times. I love to experience foods from different cultures. I agree Mary, I shared a connection, a warmth with Lyn, that you just don’t find often. Meeting her for the very first time was like reconnecting with someone very special in your life, who was just absent for a very long time. She is a beautiful woman, and it looks like you all had a great visit!

  7. I really enjoyed seeing all the delicious food Lyn cooked for you. I can imagine how much fun that was for you! Unfortunately my passion is more like my brothers, eating!

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