Beach Berries


Our house sits on a cliff overlooking Puget Sound and we are lucky to have a really amazing view. The cliff is extremely steep and every year erosion brings the edge just a little bit closer to our back patio. It’s something I try not to think about too much because it freaks me out and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it – except to sit back and enjoy the view while it lasts. We joke that if our house ever does slide down the hill, at least we’ll have waterfront property.

The beach is inaccessible from our back yard, but fortunately we have a well-maintained neighborhood trail just down the street.  I love walking down to the beach any time of year, but right now there is a big reason to head down there…
wild blackberries.

These big, fat, juicy blackberries are hanging off dense, brambly branches all along the edge of the cliff. Driftwood has piled up below the bushes, creating a natural ladder for picking.

On my trip down to the beach yesterday I picked over a gallon of berries. On the way back to the trail I waded through the shallow water as the tide came in, watching little fish dart around between the strands of seaweed floating everywhere. Fun!

So what to do with all of those perfectly ripe blackberries? I started off by making my favorite Blackberry Buckle. I’m definitely going to make a small batch of jam, and then maybe try the Blackberry Gin Rickey recipe from the August issue of Sunset. What else? I’d love to hear your ideas. There are so many blackberries left to pick!


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