And the Winner of our January Giveaway is…


andthewinneris-1024x589For our January Giveaway, we asked you to tell us about a “pantry surprise” you found when cleaning out your cupboards.

Before I announce the winner, I just thought I would tell you about the surprise(s) I found stuffed in the cupboard above my oven. It’s one of those cupboards I shouldn’t even use because it requires me to get out a step stool to see into the back, but for some reason I just toss everything up there. Since I can only see the items in the very front, everything else is out of site, out of mind. Our January contest inspired me to tackle the mess. Okay, so this is embarrassing.  Among the many weird and expired items I found were four bottles of artificial maple syrup (we only use real maple syrup now, so why do we have these?) and five different boxes of pancake mix. Are you kidding me?? Apparently every time a niece, nephew, or grandchild has spent the night, Marvin and I have “stocked up”. I just might be serving pancakes at my Super Bowl party.

And now for our winner (chosen randomly from all entries)…

Congratulations to Avis Peterson! Avis told us her “pantry surprise” was:

The oldest dated pantry item that I cleared out early fall was a package of whatever that had an expiration date of 2007. It appears I neglected to follow through on a cooking project. Cheers!

Avis will be getting some great cleaning products from our friend, Janine, at Elf Naturals, along with  1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization: The Ultimate Source Book for Storage Ideas & Materials.

Stay tuned for our February Giveaway! We’ll announce it on Monday, February 4th.


  1. Okay, I am totally jazzed to find out what I am receiving as the winner of January Giveaway! Cheers! And, thank you all bushels and bundles! Avis

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