And the winner is…


Congratulations to Kristin Winter, the winner of our first Facebook Giveaway Contest!

A copy of The I Love To Cook Book, by Lauren Groveman, is on the way!

We asked our readers to LIKE us on Facebook and to tell us about a food that means LOVE.  We picked the winner randomly, but it was definitely a deserving entry. In case you didn’t see it, here is Kristin’s post…

“My wonderful husband Tim, truly is my one true love. I grew up in a home where my mom always cooked our dinners and we always ate together as a family. When Tim and I were first married and even dating, I wanted to make him some of my favorite childhood meals. However, I’d never really had to cook for myself. One of the first meals I ever made him was my mom’s Mac N Cheese from scratch. He loved it!! To this day when I make this for our family, he tells our boys that the Mac N Cheese is one of the reasons he married me. I’m pretty sure our boys get so tired of hearing this. ( I never get tired of hearing it!) But, I’m pretty sure they’ll be wanting their wives, kids etc. to eat this meal and hear the story of how their dad fell in love with their mom over this meal! This will have to be our Valentine’s Day dinner!! (In memory of my beautiful mom, Joy Densmore)”

Stay tuned for next month’s giveaway!


  1. Marilyn Gordon says:

    I love the mac n cheese story. My mom always made it from scratch and was one of my favorites. My dad would have considered it a “love” dish too, Mary. I’m sure Marvin would vouch for that. Belated Happy Valentines Day from his favorite sister!

    • MaryMiller says:

      Belated Valentine’s to you, too, Marilyn! Doesn’t Joy’s chocolate cream pie look devine? I would love a piece right now. I hope you got some good chocolate yesterday!

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