And the winner is…


Thank you to everyone who entered our August giveaway #2 – A Taste of Seattle Giveaway. As always, we choose a winner randomly from all of the entries. Congratulations to the contest winner, Theresa, from Augusta, Georgia!

Theresa’s answer to our questions where do you live and who is your favorite hometown culinary hero OR your favorite restaurant?

I live right outside of Augusta GA and my favorite hometown cook is Vera Stewart. Our Vera is a cook and has been catering for the Augusta Masters for years, recently the local network put her cooking show on TV. The Very VeraShow and had a wonderful recipe for a pineapple pie my husband loves.

If you are not from Augusta, Georgia you may not have heard about Vera Stewart and her bakery, Very Vera. Check out this video we found on YouTube to learn about why she started her bakery business…

Thanks so much, Theresa N., for introducing us to Very Vera, and to all of you for telling us about your favorite local chefs and your favorite hometown restaurants.

We’ll be sending Theresa an autographed copy of Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen, plus an assortment of local Seattle food products.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway later this month!


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