About Us

Mary says…“I live in West Seattle and spend part of my time in the beautiful Methow Valley. Twenty years ago I followed my passion for cooking and enrolled in culinary school. I worked in the food business for 10 years as a chef and a catering company owner. I have cooked in restaurants, taught cooking and nutrition classes to kids and adults, and catered all kinds of events, including many weddings for family and friends.

In 2001, a career change took me in a different direction and I began spending more time in front of the computer and less time in the kitchen.  I started this blog to rekindle my passion for cooking, to revisit old recipes and to try new ones, to sharpen my skills, to eat better food, and get back in the kitchen doing something I love.  A Passionate Plate has helped me find inspiration in my own kitchen again and I am loving it!”


Joy says…“My love of cooking comes from my mother, and my grandmothers.  Each of them inspired me in their own way. From the heart-shaped sandwiches made with red colored bread my mother served to celebrate Valentine’s Day, to the “a little of this and a pinch of that” baking and cooking with my grandmothers, I had a lot of instruction.  As a Hotel-Restaurant Management major,  I jumped at the opportunity to study at Cesar Ritz College in Le Bouveret, Switzerland.  I spent 15 years in food service distribution sales and management, and now enjoy cooking and entertaining for my family and friends. Whether it’s baking a Tiffany blue box into a coconut meringue cake or creating puppy dog and pink princess cupcakes for a birthday party, I always love a culinary challenge and the chance to discover a perfect recipe.”