3.14 Day (It’s Pie Day tomorrow!)


Chocolate Cream Pie

I’m such a N-E-R-D when it comes to numbers. If I look at the clock and it happens to be 11:11, I exclaim, “It’s 11:11 – make a wish!”. When it’s 12:34, I have to point it out. I silently count each stair in the morning as I ascend them to get to the espresso machine. I count the pumps of shampoo, conditioner and body wash – every time! Yikes! I hope I’m not scaring you off, but I just wanted to make the point that when I realized tomorrow is 3.14, and that’s Pi, or p-i-e… I thought you might to want to CeLebRaTe and make pie tomorrow. And have we got some GREAT ones for you. EnJOY!

What kind of pie will you be baking?

Pumpkin Pie
Mom’s Apple Pie
Mini Apple Pies with Crumb Topping
Grandma Dorothy’s Icebox Strawberry Pie
Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
Chocolate Cream Pie


  1. Helen says:

    I’m thinking green and so it will be Green Grape Pie from the old Betty Crocker Cookbook. You need green grapes, whipping cream and marshmallows, and a crust of course. It’s so yummy!

  2. Marie says:

    Thank goodness I am not the only one that counts silently in my brain! I thought it was just me – glad to hear I am in good company!

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